Welcome to Oracle Queen Publishing, Your Professional Publishing Partner

At Oracle Queen Publishing (OQP), we specialise in bringing your visionary ideas to life through our bespoke publishing services. Whether you're looking to publish books, Oracle/Tarot cards, collaborate on a multi-author project, or launch a magazine, we have the expertise and tools to make your project a success. Our flexible approach allows you to choose from cutting-edge AI technology, professional artists and designers, or even your own designs to ensure your work is beautifully presented and impactful.

Multi-Author Books and Decks

Bringing Communities Together

Embark on a publishing journey that amplifies the collective wisdom of multiple authors. Our Multi-Author Books and Decks service is perfect for those looking to build a community and stand out as an authority in their field. We handle all aspects of the publishing process, from coordination to production. Choose between AI-created stunning designs, work with our professional artists, or provide your own designs to fully realise your vision.

Why Choose Us?

  • Community Building: Foster connections and establish a community around your publication.
  • Authority Building: Position yourself as a thought leader by orchestrating a major collaborative project.
  • Flexible Design Options: Benefit from AI tools, professional design services, or use your own designs.

AI-Enhanced and Custom Publishing Services

Innovating at the Intersection of Technology and Creativity

Utilise our AI-driven capabilities to transform your manuscript or cards into a polished product, or opt for the traditional touch of our professional artists and designers. Our team is equipped to capture your vision perfectly, ensuring efficiency and creativity at every step of the publishing process, no matter which design path you choose.

Magazine Design and Publishing

Complete Magazine Production Services

Launch your magazine with confidence as we manage the entire production process. You bring the advertisers and content, and we'll handle the rest—from design to publication. Whether using our AI-enhanced tools for a modern design or opting for custom creations by our skilled designers, we ensure your magazine's layout is visually compelling and professional.

Service Highlights:

  • Full Production Management: We oversee design, layout, and publication.
  • Streamlined Process: Focus on your content and advertisers; we do the rest.

Ready to Lead? Publish with Us!

Take Your First Step Towards Leadership in Publishing

Ready to harness the power of collaboration and the flexibility in design for your publishing project? Start your journey with OQP and see your ideas materialise into a beautifully crafted book, deck, or magazine.