About Us

At the heart of Oracle Queen Publishing is Sarah Jayd, a pioneering spirit whose vision has transformed the spiritual community. With a rich history of empowering and connecting those on their spiritual journeys, Sarah has been the driving force behind the acclaimed Spiritual Events Directory since 2012. Her innovative approach and dedication to the community earned her the prestigious title of Spiritual Business of the Year in 2023, a testament to her impactful contributions.

Spiritual Business of the year winner

Sarah's creativity knows no bounds. She revolutionised the oracle card market by launching the first-ever oracle deck that blends real human faces with the power of AI, creating oversized, personalised "OracleME" cards. These unique pieces are more than just cards; they are artworks meant to adorn walls, bringing personal and spiritual reflections into homes.

Oracle Me Personalised Oracle Cards

At Oracle Queen Publishing, Sarah is passionate about helping authors publish books, journals, and oracle decks. Beyond her pioneering work with oracle cards, she is dedicated to aiding the growth of spiritual entrepreneurs, or "Spiritpreneurs." Recognizing the unique challenges they face in expanding their businesses, Sarah has assembled a comprehensive suite of resources designed to simplify content creation. Our community members have access to a wide range of products to incorporate into their businesses, along with advanced tools to boost their marketing efforts and business development.

Sarah's vision is broad: to provide Spiritpreneurs with the essential support, resources, and community they need to thrive. Under her guidance, members can create their own oracle cards using tools like Canva and AI, enhancing their creativity and broadening their product offerings.